Bragging About Nothing

I have to admit, I used to do this. I still might do it on occasion, but I try to avoid this particular annoyance as much as possible these days. Partially because I realize it doesn’t matter, but mostly because I have realized how stupid it sounds. People have to stop bragging about not doing […]

Settle Down

Things have already started. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. As we all try to wring the last bit of summer out of the season (even though summer technically goes on for two more weeks, but I’m willing to work with the colloquial definition here), the scourge has crept its way into conversation. People are […]


On my daily commute, I travel a number of country roads. While the speed limits sit at 40 pretty much the whole way, I prefer this route over any other because I don’t have to deal with backups. I can pretty much predict within a couple of minutes when I will hit certain milestones. This […]