High Horse

No Turning Back

I have spent years with one philosophy – cable TV is not the devil. Some people I knew would brag about how few channels they had, and I would point out all that they had missed. I defended cable prices by saying that we got value for what we paid. But over the past couple […]

Bragging About Nothing

I have to admit, I used to do this. I still might do it on occasion, but I try to avoid this particular annoyance as much as possible these days. Partially because I realize it doesn’t matter, but mostly because I have realized how stupid it sounds. People have to stop bragging about not doing […]

Change the Focus

I have a complicated relationship with pop culture. I really enjoy pretty much all forms of entertainment and am fascinated by the people that can do those sorts of things. But I hate the attendant drooling over every single aspect of these people’s lives, especially when people start getting obsessed with bad things that happen […]