The Brians

The Rest of The Brians

I was supposed to post these last week, but forgot. I wrote it and had it saved, but totally forgot to post because I was headed to Vegas. So here you do – the “minor” awards for The Brians which are actually more fun than the real thing. The Dorian Gray Award: Felicity Jones for […]

The 2015 Brians

Now that we have that silliness known as The Oscars out of the way, it’s time to focus on the real awards – The Brians. In case you don’t know, these are the awards recognizing the best in film for movies which I saw in the theater the previous year. This is a big year […]

The Brians Go on Hiatus

I usually find myself in a celebratory mood about this time of week. I’m usually ready to take a wistful look backwards at the year in cinema. No, not The Oscars. I’m talking about The Brians, the awards I have handed out for the best movies I have seen in the theatre each year since […]

Time for The Brians

Each year, people analyze the quality of the field vying for movie awards. They proclaim whether it’s a “good year” for The Oscars. I think 2012 will go down as one of those years which people will say that the field for The Brians – my yearly awards for the movies I see in the […]

In a Previously Recorded Ceremony …

The Brians posted earlier, but we have some other awards to give out before the big show. Without further ado: Best Use of an Obscenity: The audience at my showing of We Bought a Zoo sure thought they had paid to see a wacky romp about kids growing up in a zoo. They got a heavier than […]

Tenth Anniversary of The Brians

The idea came to me in a flash 10 years ago. I don’t care about the Oscars, but I love movies. So why not pay homage to the films I like? That’s how The Brians came to be. Thank you for joining me for the 2011 edition where I will bestow awards to the best […]

Nominations for The Brians Announced

So a bunch of people I know are going crazy because the Oscar nominations came out today. That only means one thing – horribly overwrought examination of what people wear to an awards show is just around the corner! OK, it means two things, that first thing and that The Brians will be coming up […]

The Rest of The Brians

A day late, but here are the “minor awards” from the movies I saw last year. This is my favorite part of The Brians, even if this year did not have as much rich material. Best Music: “Hot Tub Time Machine.” You can’t go wrong with a movie partially set in 1988. The soundtrack features […]

Move Over Oscars, Here are The Brians

Nine years ago, I had an idea. I decided that since I had no connection to the movies honored by Hollywood at the Oscars, I needed to come up with my own awards. That’s how I decided to start The Brians, a contest run solely by me to determine the best movies of the previous […]

The Red Carpet

Tonight, I started working on one of my most favorite columns I write each year – The Brians. Basically, this is my take on the Oscars, but only movies I saw in the theater are eligible. I relaxed the rules one year because we hardly ever got out to the cinema, but that was it. […]