Big Mouth Success

The beginning of the York Fair reminds me of my first introduction to the event in 1992. They had bungee jumping that year at the fair. One day, I went to lunch with a group of fellow Evening Sun reporters. This was our routine. I want to say we were at the Little Red Schoolhouse […]

A Different Dream

A Different Dream

Seventeen years ago, I daydreamed about what my daughter’s life would be like. As we anticipated her birth, I would think about what she would accomplish in life. I generally focused on what sport she would pick and how she would set the world on fire. After watching her take part in the York County […]

Generic Issues

More than a decade ago, one of the regional grocery stores called their generic brand “Finast.” Around that time, I secured a new job which included a nice bump in salary. As Maria and I celebrated, I told her we could now buy “the finest meats and cheeses.” She replied, “Instead of Finast meats and […]

Looking Over My Shoulder

A few recent news stories have uncovered behavior by websites that shock and worry some people. First of all, we all learned that Facebook allowed researchers to mess with people, I mean “tweak the algorithm,” to learn how people reacted when they saw predominantly happy or sad news in their news feed. Then I heard […]

Another Bethany Success

The signs that we would have a fantastic beach week with my family started early. First of all, we saw something we have not seen in ages on our ride down to the Delaware shore – the absence of lines at the Bay Bridge toll plaza. I almost didn’t know what to do when I […]

Losing Streak

Every day, I take my life into my own hands. I need a lot of courage to survive. No, this has nothing to do with my commute on windy country roads. I’m talking about playing Scrabble with my wife. The computer program we use to play the word game throughout the day isn’t called Scrabble, […]

The Gravy Train Has Ended

As the youngest of eight children, I grew up with a bunch of perks. Some recent developments, however, make me think the gravy train has started to slow down. My siblings remind me all the time how easy I had it growing up. They joke that I was my parents’ favorite. I don’t deny that […]

Wearing a New Hat

Wearing a New Hat

I got really worried for a few moments. One of my sisters-in-law wanted to present me with a special gift in front of everyone at our family’s Christmas Eve celebration. I had no reason to distrust her. It’s the ones I am related to by blood that I didn’t trust. As the youngest, this feeling […]

Shelf the Elf

One of the guiding principles for writers is the “rule of three.” Basically, using three examples for something tends to work better, especially in comedy. But as Mike, my oldest nephew, recently pointed out, the theory also applies to parenting. You see, Mike has three kids with a fourth one on the way. He and […]

Looking for a Small Victory

As with many things I do, it seemed like a good idea at the time. On a grocery store trip a long time ago, my wife brought home an apple-flavored trail mix, granola sort of thing from the bulk food aisle. Since I always think I have the discipline to improve myself, I took a […]