Book Review: The Boys Are Back

Book Review: The Boys Are Back

Growing up a sports-obsessed teen in the early 1980s, I have distinct memories of the Dunbar basketball team. I never saw them play in person, but I read dozens of stories about them (Baltimore had three daily papers back then, and I read each sports section cover to cover) and watched them on the news. […]

Shaken, Not Stirred

Sometimes you hear news which you know really doesn’t affect the world too much, but makes you stop and pause because of how it affects your world. That’s how I felt a couple of weeks ago when one of my oldest friends in the world posted that the place where we worked at teenagers had […]

Regular Guy’s Afternoon Off

I think everyone has wanted their own Ferris Bueller moment. You know, the day when you simply throw all your cares away and grab life by the scruff of the neck instead of going through your daily business. That didn’t happen last week, but I did indulge myself in some of the movie character’s shenanigans. […]

Oriole Memories

Like with most things, I discovered the news from my friends online. I don’t know whether I first saw the announcement on Twitter or Facebook, but I learned Earl Weaver had died when I checked in to see if anyone had posted any funny pictures while I was busy. I try not to get caught […]

The Magic Has Returned

As I got ready for work the other day, I spotted something hidden behind a chair in our computer. Once I realized what it was, I knew I had to make a change. So I found an empty nail in the wall and hung the frame which held some special memories for me. I figured […]

Opening Day Musings

Once upon a time, I worshiped this day. My parents would get me out of school on Opening Day so I could head down to 33rd Street – just a few blocks from my current office – and watch the Orioles open the baseball season. Baltimore always opened at home, and I pretty much always […]

Feeling Cleveland

Sports can bring out some less than rational actions. I don’t get it when people turn violent over the outcome of a game, but I can understand how it will twist up all other kinds of emotions. Take last night’s NBA game in Cleveland for example. LeBron James, in case you have lived under a […]

Road to Redemption

Late last month, the U.S. soccer team got some great publicity with a fantastic run at the Confederations Cup. People who usually didn’t follow the team tuned in to see us almost beat Brazil in the final. You might now know this, but the team has not stopped playing. They are currently competing in the […]

Lemonade, That Cool Refreshing Drink

I spent the day at a wine festival last weekend. I had to attend for work, so I really didn’t feel like sampling any of the featured product. That didn’t bother me much because I love a good festival. I had time to walk around and look at crafts I would never buy. I ate […]

Orioles Magic?

I don’t know what to say about this video. I grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan, but don’t follow the team much anymore. Part of it is a busier lifestyle. Part of it is my gravitation towards soccer. But a lot of it is the absolutely shitty way Peter Angelos has run the team. When […]