Big Mouth Success

The beginning of the York Fair reminds me of my first introduction to the event in 1992. They had bungee jumping that year at the fair. One day, I went to lunch with a group of fellow Evening Sun reporters. This was our routine. I want to say we were at the Little Red Schoolhouse […]

Danger on the Streets

I often poke fun at people who try to portray Hanover as a dangerous community. I mean, it’s not Mayberry, but the reality is that as long as you don’t look for trouble, you usually won’t find it. I often project this through bragging about walking home after a night downtown, either because I just […]

Newsroom Memories

If you haven’t noticed already, things have really started to change in downtown Hanover. New businesses keep cropping up and great opportunities wait in the wings. One of the most recent changes has given me mixed feelings, however. Namely, the re-location of The Evening Sun offices. I have not worked for the paper full time […]


Something amazing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Something that some people thought could never happen. I enjoyed closing 2014 with a bang. I walked through the streets of Hanover alone in the evening and no one hurt me. Now before I go on having fun, let me be clear – I am […]

Wearing a New Hat

Wearing a New Hat

I got really worried for a few moments. One of my sisters-in-law wanted to present me with a special gift in front of everyone at our family’s Christmas Eve celebration. I had no reason to distrust her. It’s the ones I am related to by blood that I didn’t trust. As the youngest, this feeling […]

A Plan Coming Together

As a kid, I loved the show, “The A Team.” The program fell right into my wheelhouse – great action, a token female character to run around, Mr. T and his catch phrases. But one of the great parts of the show would come when Hannibal, the leader of the group played by George Peppard, […]

Halloween Back on Track

I knew the look in her eye. I have seen it a lot in recent years as I found myself more involved in community events. The look told me that the brain was saying, “I know I can do this, but I have so many other things to do, but I really know I can […]

Give the Kids a Chance

This is my weekly column, but I have been writing on this issue for a few days over at www.livinginhanover.com.  I remember going to see the musical during my sophomore year of high school. I don’t really remember why I went, but I will never forget how I watched guys I went to school with […]

Remembering Mayor Maggie

I had enough to worry about on my wedding day. I had a family full of people who could embarrass me at the drop of a hat. My best man had an incriminating picture hidden in his tuxedo jacket that he kept threatening to show my wife. I didn’t need the celebrant losing track of […]

Ready for My Closeup

I took a playwriting class during my junior year of college. For our final project, we had to write and present a one-act play. We didn’t have to worry about a set or stage directions. We just had to recruit some people to sit on the stage and read our play. So I convinced a […]