Bragging About Nothing

I have to admit, I used to do this. I still might do it on occasion, but I try to avoid this particular annoyance as much as possible these days. Partially because I realize it doesn’t matter, but mostly because I have realized how stupid it sounds. People have to stop bragging about not doing […]

Up All Night

Sometimes, life gets in the way of some pretty important experiences. Take the recent television marathon of every episode of “The Simpsons” ever produced. I admit that I don’t have the same affinity for the legendary cartoon that some people do, but this event really caught my attention. Just because I can’t remember which season […]

In Defense of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sometimes, I feel like I should address this subject as if I am attending a recovery meeting. “Hi, my name is Brian.” “Hi, Brian.” “I think The Big Bang Theory is a quality television show.” Actually, that kind of meeting wouldn’t require the anonymity and potential shame that can come with a gathering of folks […]

The VCR Connection

As I looked through an advertising circular recently, something caught my eye. I didn’t particularly need the item, but knew I had to share the information with the rest of the family. Someone – I don’t remember the store – had a DVD player on sale for $20. I drifted into old man mode and […]

Saving America

I know what America needs. I don’t mean I can solve our myriad political and social problems. That’s an impossible task for anyone to challenge. But I know what to do so we can all smile again, as long as we forget all those political and social problems. This may sound ambitious, but I know […]

Do the Olympics Have Sports Anymore?

I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now. Due to a knee injury, marketing plans for NBC’s coverage of the upcoming Winter Olympics are up in the air. This knee injury may prevent millions of Americans from watching the Games. Well, that’s the version I gleaned from my online interactions. In reality, American skiing […]

Shelf the Elf

One of the guiding principles for writers is the “rule of three.” Basically, using three examples for something tends to work better, especially in comedy. But as Mike, my oldest nephew, recently pointed out, the theory also applies to parenting. You see, Mike has three kids with a fourth one on the way. He and […]

Who Am I?

Sometimes I wonder what I have become. I still think I have my usual fun outlook on life most of the time, but come across moments where I don’t recognize myself. That happened recently when I had one of those special opportunities I get a few times each year. My wife and daughter went away […]

Halloween Back on Track

I knew the look in her eye. I have seen it a lot in recent years as I found myself more involved in community events. The look told me that the brain was saying, “I know I can do this, but I have so many other things to do, but I really know I can […]

Feeling Quite at Home

I felt right at home inside the bar. Now that might sound like old news to people who know me well, but this situation had a different element. The bar in question was in Cambridge, Mass., and I had never visited the place before. When I exited the subway station, I had to walk down […]