Random Thoughts on “Hairspray Live”

Random thoughts on Hairspray Live: I have never seen the show or the movies – only listened to the music — so it was cool to actually see a production The interludes and commercials are annoying, but I imagine if they went without them, the complaint would be that the production wasn’t glitzy enough (or […]

No Turning Back

I have spent years with one philosophy – cable TV is not the devil. Some people I knew would brag about how few channels they had, and I would point out all that they had missed. I defended cable prices by saying that we got value for what we paid. But over the past couple […]

Closing the Loop

I don’t know why I did it. Several years ago, I started to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I wanted to understand the inside jokes I heard from family and pop culture. I wanted to feel the power of Coach Taylor. I wanted to see every football game come down to the final play. So I watched […]

Goodbye, Gulfhaven

Goodbye, Gulfhaven

I will lose a friend tonight. Actually a bunch of friends as Cougar Town broadcasts its last episode. Go ahead and make fun. I have heard all the jokes. The ones about the bad name. The ones about the quality of the show. The ones about pretty much anything that ignores the fact that the […]

Burning or Binging?

The final season of “Parks & Recreation” premieres tomorrow night. The NBC comedy – one of the best shows in the history of TV in my opinion – will conclude just seven weeks later. The network has decided to run the 13-episode season with back-to-back episodes on six straight weeks followed by a one-hour finale on Feb. […]

Up All Night

Sometimes, life gets in the way of some pretty important experiences. Take the recent television marathon of every episode of “The Simpsons” ever produced. I admit that I don’t have the same affinity for the legendary cartoon that some people do, but this event really caught my attention. Just because I can’t remember which season […]

In Defense of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Sometimes, I feel like I should address this subject as if I am attending a recovery meeting. “Hi, my name is Brian.” “Hi, Brian.” “I think The Big Bang Theory is a quality television show.” Actually, that kind of meeting wouldn’t require the anonymity and potential shame that can come with a gathering of folks […]

All in the Laughs

I have many great memories from growing up. For better or worse, a lot of them revolve around watching television with my parents and siblings. Back then, before everyone had their own screen, we would gather together to watch our favorite shows, especially M*A*S*H. I developed much of my sense of humor from watching these […]

How I Would Have Met Your Mother

I have four older brothers. I spent a lifetime having someone offer me something only to pull it away at the last second and tell me I can’t have it. This can happen over and over again and gets quite annoying. Then when they finally get tired of the game, they give it to you […]

The VCR Connection

As I looked through an advertising circular recently, something caught my eye. I didn’t particularly need the item, but knew I had to share the information with the rest of the family. Someone – I don’t remember the store – had a DVD player on sale for $20. I drifted into old man mode and […]