Book Review: The Boys Are Back

Book Review: The Boys Are Back

Growing up a sports-obsessed teen in the early 1980s, I have distinct memories of the Dunbar basketball team. I never saw them play in person, but I read dozens of stories about them (Baltimore had three daily papers back then, and I read each sports section cover to cover) and watched them on the news. […]

Book Review: Man in the Middle

Book Review: Man in the Middle

My sister-in-law lent me this at the beach because I had mentioned the fascinating story of John Amaechi previously. He does have a pretty unique background – a British basketball player who played at Penn State, not known for its hoops prowress, and put together a solid NBA career after bouncing around European leagues. Oh, […]

Getting Old Stinks

I had a decision to make, a decision which would have wide-ranging implications. For a number of reasons, I had committed to paying close attention to the NBA Finals. I have slowly drifted toward pro hoops over the past few years. The quality of play combined with some really dramatic storylines in the playoffs had […]

It Was Madness

I took off last Thursday and Friday to watch the first two days of March Madness along with the NCAA wrestling tournament. That’s why blogging has been light. Oh, and because I’m a master procrastinator. A few tidbits from my long weekend: The coffee maker broke. More on this in next week’s column. Short version […]

Pacing Myself

When I found out last year that I had to travel to Indianapolis for business for a few days, I immediately began to make plans. I knew some sporting event had to fit into my schedule over the four days in November for my trip. The Colts were out of town, but that didn’t matter […]

A New Kind of March Madness

I think everyone who went to college had a rich buddy who never listened to anyone. He had enough money to make his mistakes negligible. Wreck a car? Dad will get him a new one. Trash his apartment during a party? Ask Mom for money for something else and use it to re-furnish. No decision […]

A New Holiday

We have a crisis on our hands in America, people. We need to rise up together and make things right. Everywhere I look, I see people arguing about all sorts of things. No one can agree on health care or national defense or how to deal with our economic problems. Everyone thinks they have the […]

Greatest Sports Day of the Year

Today is an embarrassment of riches for sports fans. It really is such a wonderful day to be alive. Of course, March Madness starts today. I am in four pools this year. I picked my teams kind of randomly so it’s not like I need one or two things to happen in order to come […]

The Real March Madness

This week, people across the country will fill out brackets, maybe throw $5 or $10 into the hat and watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with great interest. Office workers who have little to talk about at other times will commiserate over why someone was seeded 12th and the difficulty at paying attention to their […]

Now This is Some Bull

My daughter told me something last night that i simply could not believe. Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday. Yep. The new law from last year or whenever pushed the date to the second Sunday in march. I hadn’t realized that was the date and totally didn’t notice that the second Sunday was so early. […]