Bragging About Nothing

I have to admit, I used to do this. I still might do it on occasion, but I try to avoid this particular annoyance as much as possible these days. Partially because I realize it doesn’t matter, but mostly because I have realized how stupid it sounds. People have to stop bragging about not doing […]

Online Poker Showdown

I have a confession to make. I am a criminal. Well, I am not right now, but I have been in the past. OK, I’m not a criminal, but I have played online poker for money. According to the government, that’s a big no-no as evidenced by the shutdown of three major online poker sites […]

Gettysburg Rolls Craps

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board decided today to not give the final available casino license to a group from Gettysburg, which wanted to build a facility about 20 minutes from my house. Nemacolin Resort, out in the western part of the state, won the vote. I have mixed feelings about this news. I like to […]


I participate in a pair of football “survivor” pools. If you are not aware, the premise is to pick one game per week. If your pick wins, you move to the next week. If not, you are out. The trick is that you cannot pick the same team twice so each win means you have […]

Delaware Gets It

Delaware may have dashed my sports betting dreams, but they are finally stepping up with table games. If all goes as planned, casino patrons in Delaware could be playing poker in April and have a full assortment of games two months later. This would put Delaware ahead of Pennsylvania, which is also racing to allow […]

Shuffle Up and Deal

A wonderful thing happened last week. Magical, almost. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a law which will allow casinos in the state to offer table games such as craps, roulette, blackjack and poker. Six months from now, I will have the opportunity to drive an hour or so from my house and play cards. I […]

All Talk

When I posted something on Facebook last week about the new sports betting law in Delaware, one friend replied, “” The post cracked me up for a couple of reasons. First off, I knew I had kind of belabored the point on the topic. Secondly, nothing could be further from the truth despite my constant […]

Sucker Bet

That noise you heard yesterday was the anticipation of sports betting in Delaware being sucked out of everyone who intended on visiting the first state to gamble on the NFL or March Madness. The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals formally announced their decision to deny the state’s original plan yesterday. Delaware can only offer […]

A Most Important Day

Three people in Philadelphia will decide the fate of the free world today. Or they will decide whether Delaware can accept single-game bets on professional and college sports. To me, the situations are equal. A panel from the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on a request by the major pro sports leagues and […]

Shuler Should Shush

I have lived a long time without legal sports betting near my home. In fact, I have only bet on sports legally in my life. One of my Vegas trips took place in July when there was nothing interesting to bet on. But the other two trips out there, I had a great time watching […]