A Different Dream

A Different Dream

Seventeen years ago, I daydreamed about what my daughter’s life would be like. As we anticipated her birth, I would think about what she would accomplish in life. I generally focused on what sport she would pick and how she would set the world on fire. After watching her take part in the York County […]

Random Thoughts on “Hairspray Live”

Random thoughts on Hairspray Live: I have never seen the show or the movies – only listened to the music — so it was cool to actually see a production The interludes and commercials are annoying, but I imagine if they went without them, the complaint would be that the production wasn’t glitzy enough (or […]

An Arresting Problem

Experts say that everything you do online could potentially haunt you forever. If that’s the case, I have put myself in deep trouble this week. We are in the middle of rehearsals for the upcoming production of “Sin, Sex & the CIA” at Hanover Little Theatre, and I volunteered to help find an important prop. […]

Loud Clothes and Bad Jokes

I have spent much of the past few weeks on stage at the Hanover Little Theatre. Actually, my participation in “The Fox on the Fairway” took much more time than that, but I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. I don’t know why because that’s what I will end up doing anyway. The whole […]

Worries About Typecasting

Sometimes I deserve the reputation I get. I understand why people think I’m loud (I am), lazy (when it doesn’t inconvenience others too much) and obsessed with food and television. I feel happiest while eating on the couch while talking loudly about my favorite sitcoms. What flummoxes me is how some people develop certain opinions […]

‘Ello Guv’nor, Put the Telly on the Lift

One night in college, my friend Jeff and I had a little too much to drink. I do not recommend this course of action, but it happens. We walked to a party at some point and found ourselves a corner where we could hang out. We spent the rest of the night speaking to people […]

What an Experience

I can do this. That’s the thought which went through my head when the spotlight first hit me on opening night for “Miracle on 34th Street.” I had never really acted before – other than acting like a grownup for the past 20 years or pretending I knew what I was talking about in general […]

Ready for My Closeup

I took a playwriting class during my junior year of college. For our final project, we had to write and present a one-act play. We didn’t have to worry about a set or stage directions. We just had to recruit some people to sit on the stage and read our play. So I convinced a […]

‘Grease’ Is The Word

Last night, Maria and I went to see the story of plucky teens who have their futures ahead of them and tell their story through song and dance. No, not “High School Musical 3,” although we will go see that soon enough. We took in a local theater group’s production of “Grease.” This served as […]