Big Mouth Success

The beginning of the York Fair reminds me of my first introduction to the event in 1992. They had bungee jumping that year at the fair. One day, I went to lunch with a group of fellow Evening Sun reporters. This was our routine. I want to say we were at the Little Red Schoolhouse […]

Newsroom Memories

If you haven’t noticed already, things have really started to change in downtown Hanover. New businesses keep cropping up and great opportunities wait in the wings. One of the most recent changes has given me mixed feelings, however. Namely, the re-location of The Evening Sun offices. I have not worked for the paper full time […]

Look at That Body!

Once upon a time, I had motivation that went beyond trying to win football games on the Playstation and staying up later than was reasonable for someone my age. I actually worked out. A lot. I had to because I wrestled in college and needed to stay in shape and keep my weight under control […]