When I Was Young …

I admire Andrew Dana Hudson. A graduate from Fordham University last May, he moved to India for a writing job after having no luck finding work near his home in Indiana. He chronicled his story today in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

There might not be room for us recent college graduates in the job market at home, but the world is a big place. I bet somewhere out there is an opportunity for each of us. So go.

I could never do something like this. Heading to a developing country to find a job would have never crossed my mind when I graduated college. Twenty years ago, after I got my diploma, my friends and I also faced uncertain economic times so I kind of understand Hudson’s dilemma.

That’s where the part about his piece I can’t understand comes from. Listen, I know the job market sucks. Only an idiot would argue that. But some of the whining coming from the younger generation – yes, this is me officially becoming a grumpy old man – just flummoxes me. Like this part of this article.

Two friends who studied psychology for four years now work off the books at a sandwich shop. Another, who got her master’s in development studies from Cambridge, became a barista at Starbucks.

Social science majors having trouble finding jobs? What a shocking new development in the world! You mean there are not businesses lining up to hire psychology majors right out of college. [Ralph Wiggum]That’s unpossible![/Ralph]

Dude, this has been happening for ever. I’m an English major. I luckily found a job within a few months of graduating, but it disappeared after a year. I was laid off for eight months before I was hired again, about two years after I graduated. And I was one of the lucky ones from my liberal arts college who could work in his chosen field for one of the two years after I got out of school.

Complaining about the job market is understandable, but stop acting like some of the things going on have only happened to your generation and that you are owed a job in the field you want and the pay scale you want without having to make compromises. There’s only so much sympathy to go around and a lot of people who want it. Entitled young adults dragging their crosses across the landscape will probably come at the bottom of most people’s lists.

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  1. SO TRUE! The NYT recently did an article saying how unscrupulous the student loan industry was for providing loans to an NYU student who can’t pay them off. She went $100,000 in debt for a women’s studies degree!! And can’t pay off the loans on the $12 an hour photographers assistant job she has. DUH!!

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