It Was Madness

I took off last Thursday and Friday to watch the first two days of March Madness along with the NCAA wrestling tournament. That’s why blogging has been light. Oh, and because I’m a master procrastinator. A few tidbits from my long weekend:

  • The coffee maker broke. More on this in next week’s column. Short version – I wimped out on buying a Keurig or similar machine
  • Thanks to play rehearsals both nights during the week, I did not drink during the day. I know some of you are quite shocked at that.
  • I actually did OK in my brackets. I’m still in the hunt to win at least one. We’ll see how that goes this weekend.
  • The way they scheduled the games on Sunday absolutely sucked. Most of them were in the evening. I had to return to work and needed to go to bed at a decent hour one night during the weekend.
  • I finally figured out how to use the “Favorite Channel” on my remote because there was no way I was remembering what numbers I needed to press for TruTV and the HD feeds for TBS, TNT and CBS.
  • Abstaining from meat on a Friday during Lent is a lot harder when you’re home alone watching sports. Thankfully, pretzels and peanuts do a pretty good job at satisfying chicken wing cravings.
  • Between all the games, I also managed to finish Season 1 of Party Down on Netflix and win the PGA Championship in Tiger Woods on the Wii.
  • My wife did not leave me. That’s the best achievement of all, I think.

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