Now This is Some Bull

My daughter told me something last night that i simply could not believe. Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday. Yep. The new law from last year or whenever pushed the date to the second Sunday in march. I hadn’t realized that was the date and totally didn’t notice that the second Sunday was so early.

I’m not one of those people who totally hates Daylight Savings Time, but this is ridiculously early. There is no way we should be springing forward on March 8, especially when you consider that the NCAA Basketball Tournament does not start until March 12.

That’s right – Daylight Savings Time precedes March Madness. That’s some bull right there. I think President Obama needs to stop this trend now.

One Response to “ Now This is Some Bull ”

  1. Really? It starts this weekend? This blows. I would also wish that it wouldn’t start until the first weekend of the NCAA tourney. My sleep schedule sucks already. Ugh.

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