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Friday, May 26 2017 @ 08:47 AM MDT

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BlogWord on the street is that Addison from "Grey's Anatomy" will have her own show next season. That kind of makes sense. She can be easily pulled out of the show and put in her own setting. But is she really the most deserving TV character for a spinoff?

I think not. Here are a few better candidates. Vote for your favorite or put your suggestion in the comments.

Andrew van de Kamp, "Desperate Housewives." In all honesty, possibly the best character on TV not named Denny Crane. He has gone from creepy psycho to scheming gay teen to gallant son in just a few seasons. He has a great sinister smile.

Carlos Solis, "Desperate Housewives." Since he and Gabby split up and he convinced Mike (who had amnesia) that they were best buddies and Mike should let him move in, I've been begging for his own show.

The Todd, "Scrubs." The show might not last very long, but a closer look at the high-fiving, banana-hammock-wearing, double-entendreing surgeon would entertain for a short time.

Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy." Yeah, Addison isn't even the most worthy candidate on her own show. Alex has been hilarious and human, something the rest of the interns haven't had the chance to pull off yet. He's about the only one I don't want to deck on a regular basis.

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Being Sick Sucks

Columns Over the past few months, I have come to an important realization. I decided that I don’t like being sick.

Unfortunately, I have put a lot of research into making this decision. I kind of felt this way when I had bronchitis a couple of times in December, but I thought I’d hold off before making a final answer.

A nice little stomach virus helped me reach that answer this week.

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The 2007 Brians

ColumnsWe all need something to take our mind of Britney and Anna Nicole. Thank goodness the time has come for The Brians.

This marks the fifth year I have given awards for the best new movies which I saw in the theater during the preceeding year. In 2006, I had to bend the rules and add in movies I rented or bought on pay-per-view because we hardly made it to the movies.

This year, we're back to the old rules with lots of contenders. In no particular order (except the order I remember them), we saw "Casino Royale," "Click," "Stranger Than Fiction," "Talladega Nights," "The Break-Up," and "Date Movie." The field of six is the largest in Brians history, I think.

We also have a new category for animated films. Those can be called the Bridgets because I came along for the ride to see “Curious George,” “Over the Hedge” and “Ice Age: the Meltdown.”

So without further ado, come down the Rivers-free red carpet and find out the winners.

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My Weekend

BlogI accomplished two things of note over the weekend.

1. I managed to not watch one thing about Anna Nicole Smith.

b. I bought EA Sports' MVP07 and figured out the new Rock and Fire pitching tool.

That's it. Nothing else I did was really of note. Well, I did enjoy a few Hop-ocolypse beers on Friday and felt their effects on Saturday. Memo to self - drink water after having this beer next time.
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Enough Food Network, Already

ColumnsNormally, I wouldn't think of criticizing television. After all, the warm, blue glow has helped sustain me for my entire life.

But over the past few months, something has started to really annoy me.

The thing itself hasn't bothered me because I never watch it. The people who can't stop yammering about it, sending it into the public conscious have bothered me.

It's official: I'm sick and tired of The Food Network.
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From the Get a Life Department

BlogSome people who grew up with the Baltimore Colts have failed to get over their departure more than 20 years later. Normal people, like me, moved on with our lives.

The paper in my hometown profiled one of those not so normal people before the Super Bowl.

The dude discussed in the story refuses to acknowledge that Peyton Manning is a Colt. He says that No. 18 belongs to Mike Pagel, the last guy to wear the number in Baltimore. I don't think Mike Pagel even remembers that he wore the number in Baltimore. Of course, Pagel also wore the number in Indy, but people who can't accept reality won't understand that.

I didn't really care who won yesterday, but people who can't embrace the Ravens (and their Super Bowl in 2001) because the Colts are gone deserve to have the Colts win so they can feel even more pain.

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Keep the Commercials Silly

Columns Now that the NFL has whittled the playoffs down to the final two teams, America can start to get serious about one if its greatest traditions.

Super Bowl commercials.

I honestly can’t think of a more unifying part of our culture than the advertisements that fill the space between plays during the final pro football game of the season.

But the fun doesn't just happen when the Buffalo wings come out of the oven and the beers are opened.

Super Bowl commercial season has already started, and I'm a little bothered.

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Top This, Make-a-Wish

BlogHere's something you won't see Ty Pennington or Oprah doing anytime soon. A British man stricken with a serious form of muscular dystrophy had a lifelong wish fulfilled thanks in part to the hospice where he lives.

He got a little sumpin, sumpin.

Nick Wallis is 22 and doesn't expect to live much past 30. He'd never had sex,and he wanted to experience it before his disease got too advanced. So, he got a prostitute. He needed help making all the arrangements, so the hospice where he lives - and the nun who runs it - helped him set up the "date."

They wouldn't let him do it at the hospice, but a nurse from the hospice was in another room at Wallis' parent's house during the experience in case he needed assistance. No news reports tell if she was wearing a naughty nurse outfit in case Wallis wanted to fulfill another fantasy.

I'm sure some of the religious right will bang their gong about this, but as someone who attends Mass every week, I have absolutely no problem with this. Let the man experience all there is to life.

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Flushed Away

BlogI think I flushed half of the toilet paper holder down the can. I was changing the roll and somehow only ended up with half of the plastic thing that goes inside the tube. It's not in the trash can right next to the toilet and I can't find it on the floor. It was flushing as I was changing so I didn't even notice it was missing until the bowl was filled again.

I think this qualifies me for Mensa.
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Podcast Update

BlogHere it goes again.

Yes, I have done another podcast. Hopefully this will become more regular again. Click on the link to download the newest edition and hear me talk about Snowzilla, Smittens, jury duty and more.