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Friday, May 26 2017 @ 08:59 AM MDT

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What's With the Veggies?

Blog Because of the holidays, we have had the opportunity to go to a bunch of parties. Like many good party guests, we try to bring something to add to the food selection.

I feel I'm getting a bad rap in this area. My wife insists on bringing vegetables wherever we go.

I don't look like the guy whose wife brings vegetables to a party. I look like the guy whose wife brings chicken wings to a party.

What do people think of me when I walk into a party holding a tray filled with cut celery, cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices?

Worse yet, what do people think of me when they see me buying these things?

I had to go out and do the shopping for the veggie tray we brought to our friends' New Year's Eve party. Maria told me to pick two good cucumbers. I couldn't pick out two good cucumbers unless they brought me a beer and nachos. But the request and her instructions did bring the opportunity for lots of sexual innuendo.

I shouldn't criticize too much because the veggie tray was a hit on New Year's Eve, like it usually is. I didn't help, however, because someone else brought a dip featuring beef and Velveeta, so I spent much of the night hovering around that dish.

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Let's Go Broncos

BlogNot the Denver Broncos, since they blew their chance to be involved in the NFl Playoffs, aka the Baltimore Ravens March to the Super Bowl Title.

I'm talking about the Boise State Broncos I control in NCAA07. In my fourth season at the helm, and my seventh overall in this dynasty, I have led Boise to an 11-0 record, including a perfect 8-0 in the WAC, with one game remaining in the 2012 season. We play Rutgers in that game, then probably head to a bowl matchup with Navy.

I'm a little bummed I won't get to play in a New Year's Day bowl, but that's life. I have moved up to 17th in the rankings and have four players who could win major awards. I have a hell of a recruiting class thanks to the unbeaten season and will only get better in 2013.

And I'm doing all of this without any trick plays that the real Broncos use (and no cheat codes) is awesome.
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Cease and Desist

BlogI always like when the new year starts with something interesting. Rumor has it that The Police might reunite in 2007.

I'm a little torn on this. For a while, The Police ranked up there as one of my favorite bands. The first two concerts I ever saw were The Police. After they broke up, however, the magic disappeared for me.

Sting got way too mellow for my tastes while Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland turned away from rock. I have so much of The Police's music in my catalog, but barely listen to it any more. I'm not sure if I want to hear them do their old songs just to promote the release of newly mastered versions of their hits.

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Happy New Year

BlogI ended 2006 with a bang - winning $15 playing poker at our friends' NYE party. We had a great time and all the kids made plenty of noise as the ball dropped. I love going to this party because it's mellow and features a lot of good homebrew. I actually feel pretty good because I had to limit myself somewhat because this bronchitis is hanging around.

Happy New Year to everyone!
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A Great Day for Cornhole

BlogShea Field now lives.

We dragged the cornhole boards out yesterday so Bridget and a friend could try them out. What a day for the first test at the family's newest cornhole facility.

And, yes, I plan on using the word cornhole as much as possible just to freak out people who don't know about the game.

The kids played a few games, then I tossed a few rounds before putting the boards away. I'm really psyched to get them out on a regular basis. We have the soft bags, which took a little getting used to after tossing the heavy bags at Cornholey Night on Christmas Eve (my niece Kerry and I were pre-tournament favorites, but were taken out in the first round in a shocking upset).

I have scoured a few online locations for custom bags. I would really love DC United or US Soccer bags, but doubt I can find anyone to make them. I might have to settle for a generic soccer theme.
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An Important Question

BlogWhich is worse?

The NFL Network advertising the scouting combine two months before it airs or me knowing that I will tune in for bits and pieces for the second straight year?

I was oddly fascinated when I tuned in earlier this year to watch offensive linemen run the 40 and go through agility drills. I know I won't be able to resist. And they know it. At least the Skins are losing sandwiched around the commercials.
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So What Did You Get?

BlogIt wasn't just a beer-tastic Christmas for me. Three family gatherings, plus Christmas at home, hooked me up.

Saturday - 50 smackers from my father-in-law. I (heart) cash.
Sunday - A D.C. United red jersey from my brother-in-law on my side. Also a bottle of Lump of Coal stout because I was resistant to posting my Christmas list early.
Monday - CORNHOLE BOARDS! Well, not just for me, but for the whole family. My wife freaking rocks. I am so excited. She also hooked me up with two books (Love Monkey and Turning Thirty), a wall-mounted bottle-opener, and an Irish-pub style sign for the basement. Later at my mother-in-law's, I got two dress shirts, a tie, another book (The Bourne Identity) and NHL07 for the Playstation.

But the best were the gifts from Bridget. She got me a World's Best Dad lanyard, a Snowy Day Fund jar to keep change in and a musical Christmas tie. What a kid.

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A Very Beery Christmas

BlogI love how well my co-workers know me. I got nothing but beer and coffee for Christmas.

My boss gave me a 6-pack of Anchor Steam and a pound of coffee. Our admin, who picked me in Secret Santa, got me a 12-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager.

But beer hasn't been good to me so far this holiday season. I had one or five Sam Adams Winter Lagers the other night (I had bought them a week or so ago) and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like absolute crap. The beer has cinnamon in it, so I guess my body doesn't like that combination. Good thing that I finished the 6-pack - I would hate for beer to go to waste.

Now I have to get going on finishing off these presents before New Year's. Thank God there is a lot of soccer and football to watch.
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People Suck

BlogThis is why I hate selling on eBay. Someone bought Appetite for Destruction for $2 and some change. I send two invoices and never heard back. After six days, I sent a note saying that they need to pay or I'll report them. I'm not an eBay freak or anything, but a deal's a deal. I do this to pick up some extra cash. That's it. I don't want to be a pain in the butt, but if you buy a CD, send me the cash.

So the lady sends me a nasty note about my bad attitude and how it was her kid who bought it and he was being punished and they would pay this Friday (almost two weeks after the auction ended). She claimed they never received anything else from me, which has to be BS because I sent the invoices.

So I send her a note basically saying I don't care about her situation, just pay the money. So I get another note about my bad attitude again and how she has a perfect feedback rating, which is kind of true, but so do I. But all that means is that I pay and ship on time. Can't she do the same?

She gets even more pissed so I file an unpaid item report and she replies how she and her husband are furious. I don't care. They got hit with the unpaid item strike, I gave them negative feedback and now I'm going to to try and sell the CD again.

All she had to do was send me $5.
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Growing Together By Staying Apart

ColumnsSometimes I wonder how I have remained married for more than 11 years. The odds are stacked against us.

First of all, Maria could care less about the NFL standings or who will be the next coach of the U.S. Men's soccer team. How can I raise a child with someone so disinterested in these important matters?

When we go to the annual Super Bowl party at a friend's house, she cares more about the commercials than the game. That's just wrong.

Then there's our problem with bananas. My wife actually thinks that it is better to wait to eat a banana until the fruit has developed some brown spots on the skin.

I had never heard something so crazy until I met her. All right-thinking people know that you need to eat the bananas as soon as possible once they arrive in the house.