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Friday, May 26 2017 @ 08:50 AM MDT

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Hitting the Road

BlogI have used this look for almost three years. I don't know what inspired me to use Geeklog, but I did. I have thought about changing it a lot because there are limitations, and I finally started the process this week.

To see the new look and continue to read the blog, make sure your bookmark is set to www.regularguycolumn.com or www.regularguycolumn.com/blog. I will keep this look active just as long as I feel like shuttling copy over to the new look - about a month's worth is there, but I at least want to move all my columns.

Feel free to let me know how you like the new look.

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A Great Day

BlogYesterday may have seemed like any other day to most people, but trust me when i say that it was one of the greatest days of the year.

NCAA08, the newest version of EA Sports' college football franchise hit stores. That sound you heard was productivity draining out of many young American males.

Some people live and die by the Madden football video games. I didn't get a PS2 until last year and NCAA07 was my first purchase. i was hooked. I don't need the pro game - I want to take a college program from the bottom to the top. I did very well with Boise State and ended up getting a bunch of big offers, eventually ending up at penn State. I didn't win the national title, but I had a few good seasons. I also, while at Boise State, racked up more than 100 points in a game against a Division I-AA team. I think one of my returners had four TDs that game.

This year's version will blow last year's away. The recruiting function - one of my favorites - is even better. And I know what I am doing, compared to my knowledge level when i got my hands on the game last year. Thanks to the real-life Boise State team, 08 will have trick plays like the ones they used to beat Oklahoma last season.

I haven't bought the game yet, mainly because I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour during the work week. But I have Friday off, so it will be in my hands sometime on Thursday. Pray for my family.

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R.E.M. Never Ceases to Amaze Me


The boys from Athens are working on their new album. They recorded up in Vancouver for a month or so, but last week held five nights of "working rehearsals" in Dublin.

These shows were not shows as Michael Stipe pointed out regularly from the stage. The band worked through 11 new songs, some of which sound fantastic. You can check some of them out here on YouTube.

The band also extended "olive branches" (a term used by long-time manager Bertis Downs) to the fans by playing some old stuff. And I mean old stuff. They played four of the five songs from Chronic Town (Stumble was the only one missing) at some point during the week. They played Second Guessing several times. They also added in West of the Fields, Harborcoat, Driver 8, So. Central Rain, Sitting Still, Disturbance at the Heron House, Maps and Legends, and Little America.

Check out their Web site for night by night details on the shows. They are back in the studio. I can't wait until the release their album and tour again.

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God Bless America


From the mountains

to the prairies

to the oceans

white with foam

So I was wrong and Kobayashi did compete. He was unreal until he hurled with about 30 seconds left. I've never been prouder to be an American than I was when Joey Chustnut stuffed that 66th hot dog into his mouth.

What a country.

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I Think Ginger Lynn Had The Same Problem

BlogWhen Joey Chestnut wins the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest next week, some will say it's a hollow victory. Kobayashi has pulled out of the competition due to a jaw injury.

Last year, he downed almost 54 dogs in 12 minutes to set a new record, but Chestnut was right on his heels with 52 dogs. Just a few weeks ago, Chestnut shattered Kobayashi's record with 59.5 dogs at a competition in Phoenix.

This year's matchup would have been epic. I watched the competition last year for the first time and could not believe how much fun it was. I was so looking forward to seeing Joey take Kobayashi down, but it looks like he'll probably cruise to the title.

Unless Fink shows up. That would be epic.

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I Want to Party With You, Cowboy ... Safely, Of Course

BlogNobody likes a party pooper when you're having a few drinks. That's why no one ever calls Boston City Councilman Stephen J. Murphy when it's time for Happy Hour.

Murphy has introduced legislation to make Boston bars serve cocktails sealed with plastic covers to prevent the use of date-rape drugs.

Don't confuse this with a hearty endorsement of date rape drugs - I hate Sebastian Janikowski - but was this guy dropped on his head as a child? Luckily, his measure doesn't seem to have much chance after comments like these

"You can't drink a martini with a straw!" said Charles M. Perkins, who runs the Boston Restaurant Group.

"That would crush the umbrella, wouldn't it?" said Dan Pokaski, chairman of the Boston Licensing Board.

"How am I going to get the olive out of my martini with a cocktail cover?" Councilor John Tobin said jokingly. "How about we do crazy straws, like the squiggly ones? Or why don't we just give everyone a thermos, or a fanny pack that you slide your drink into?"

A committee will study the proposal, which may be modified to just encourage bars to make the covers an option for customers. The problem is real, says Murphy, who managed to make himself look like a predator while trying to rescue young ladies from being drugged..

"I know that it's happening," Murphy said, before quickly adding, "not that I'm in that scene anymore."

Not in that scene anymore?

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So, So Wrong

BlogSome Web site did a list. Imagine the originality, huh?

Anyway, the list recounts their choices for the Top 30 Villains in Sports Movies. A noble cause, I must say, but their choices are so misguided.

Where do I start? First off, the Yankees from Bad News bears are 24th. 24th! How is that possible? They helped provide us with one of the greatest lines in movie history, courtesy of Tanner Boyle: "Hey Yankees... you can take your apology and your trophy and shove 'em straight up your ass!" Vic Morrow as the manager. His snot-nosed kid who held onto the ball so Engleberg could get a home run. That's definitely Top 10 material.

And speaking of the Top 10, that list included The Program, The Mighty Ducks, Sandlot and Rudy. And some of those weren't even real villains, but plot points. I'm sorry, Rudy's "athletic ability, size, and strength" do not qualify as a villain. In fact, the real villain in that movie is Notre Dame.

To top it all off, Judge Smails from Caddyshack wasn't even in the Top 10. Unacceptable. I expect a new list at some point. To quote the great judge, "Well, we're waiting."

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Welcome Back ... Kinda

BlogOne of my favorite TV shows, "Scrubs," made a bold choice last season and killed off a major character, Nurse Laverne Roberts. Well, news has come out that she might be back next season ... kind of. Aloma Wright, the actress, will return in a new role that ought to be worth some laughs - Nurse Roberts' single, alcoholic sister Shirley.

Get it? Laverne and Shirley. I love Bill Lawrence.

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Bad Odds

BlogTwo bad bits of gambling news this week.

First off, two West Virginia counties went to the polls to decide whether table games could join slot machines at race tracks there. One measure passed, one failed. Naturally, the one that failed is less than two hours from me and the one that passed is five hours from me. I could almost get to Vegas in the time it would take me to drive there.

Two more counties will vote later this year, but both are in the four-hour range by car, which isn't going to happen. I'm not that hardcore. Atlantic City is just about that far, and I'd rather be in A.C. than the sticks of W.V.

In Delaware, a bill to add sports betting to their racetrack slots parlors is in the legislature, but doesn't seem likely. The governor said she will veto it, which makes her my least favorite governor in the whole world.

Could you imagine the sports take at Dover Downs on a NASCAR weekend? Penn State-Michigan is the same weekend as the fall visit to Dover. So is South Carolina-LSU. And Central Connecticut State at Western Michigan.

So that last one isn't so sexy, but you know someone would bet on it. And lots of people would bet on Sunday's Giants-Redskins game.

The good thing is, just as I suspected, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has decided to start thinking about slots. I knew he wouldn't during the first legislative session since he took office for a number of reasons, but had a feeling it would pop up sooner rather than later. I'm not the biggest fan of slots, but would go there on occasion if it were close by. The closest one in PA won't open for a while and isn't as convenient as the possible locations in Maryland.

They'll find some way to screw it up and piss me off. And I'll just have to go to Vegas.

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Now This is Music!

BlogMy friend Dave hit me up with this. Go to www.popculturemadness.com and find the year when you turned 18, then check out the songs that were the top hits. I have listed a few with a personal connection here.

June 7 - June 13: Live to Tell - Madonna and August 16 - August 29: Papa Don't Preach - Madonna - Two pretty underrated Madonner songs for me.
September 6 - September 12: Venus - Bananarama - Such a great video and a fun, fun song. Also, the top hit the first week I was at college.
September 13 - September 19: Take My Breath Away - Berlin - My freshman year RA made it a point to take every guy on our hall to see "Top Gun." I think 19 of the 20 of us took him up on the offer. He ended up joining the service because of that movie.
November 8 - November 21: Amanda - Boston - I had a crush on a girl whose name sounded similar to this. I would change the lyrics when I sang it to myself. I was stupid.
November 29 - December 5: You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi - A girl on my floor that year, more or less, aspired to stalk Bon Jovi. Now the song is a guilty pleasure, but I still remember that scary, scary girl who really needed help.
December 20, 1986 - January 16, 1987: Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles - If you're a male in my age group and you don't remember Susanno Hoffs' eyes in this video, you have no soul.

Go check it out and let me know what you get.