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  • Bob Mould (2,385)
    Rock musician Bob Mould
  • Thumper Thinks Out Loud (1,677)
    The musings of K.A. Thompson. She's a writer. She's annoying. She will blog about you if you send snarky email.
  • Hobo Trash Can (1,616)
    Great interviews and columns.
  • Make Me Watch TV (1,401)
    Pick shows for Aric!
  • 7milesdown (1,361)
    Blog from a island Kid from the tiny island of Guam...
  • Being God's (1,335)
    I'm a single guy who is trying to live for God in a tough world.
  • Salmagundi Online (1,311)
    Scott T. Holland, a 25 year old newspaper reporter/editor/columnist in Clinton, Iowa.
  • Ficken Chingers (1,243)
    Yes, I know what the words mean in German and every other language. (that is not what it means here) No, I do not need you to tell me again. So, move along. K? Thank
  • Kenn Tomasch (1,217)
    Truth with a twist of sarcasm
  • Babs (1,198)
    A Day in the Life