Fantasy Sports

Bragging About Nothing

I have to admit, I used to do this. I still might do it on occasion, but I try to avoid this particular annoyance as much as possible these days. Partially because I realize it doesn’t matter, but mostly because I have realized how stupid it sounds. People have to stop bragging about not doing […]

Much Better

As baseball season comes to a close today, so does my fantasy baseball team’s campaign. I have played in the same league since the early 1990s, which amazes me. I finished in sixth out of 12 teams this year. That might sound pretty unremarkable, but this is my best finish since 2001 when I finished […]

Baseball Defeats Terrorists

The Fourth of July plays an important role in baseball. According to lore, the standings on our nation’s birthday play a big factor in who ends up with bragging rights once fall comes. I don’t know how accurate this tale is, but it means a lot to me because of my fantasy baseball team. Right […]

Fantasy Dream

Fantasy football has taken off the past few years. I have played it in some form for I don’t know how long, but it hasn’t been as pervasive until recently. This year, I think I’ll be in two leagues – one of which is just myself and two other friends so it’s hard to consider […]

A Fantasy of Success

I will spend hours upon hours Friday night looking over documents. I will pore over reams of documents searching for the perfect solution to my problems. Taxes? Nope. It’s time for my fantasy baseball draft. This is serious business. Sure, there is money at stake, but I’m not as worried about that as I am […]