Goodbye, Gulfhaven

Goodbye, Gulfhaven

I will lose a friend tonight. Actually a bunch of friends as Cougar Town broadcasts its last episode. Go ahead and make fun. I have heard all the jokes. The ones about the bad name. The ones about the quality of the show. The ones about pretty much anything that ignores the fact that the […]

Playing it by Ear

I have spent the past year or so planning for what is happening right now. The funny thing is, I was planning so I could do something spontaneous. In 2010, I traveled to Los Angeles for a work event. On one night, the co-worker I traveled with had other plans, so I set out on […]

All in the Laughs

I have many great memories from growing up. For better or worse, a lot of them revolve around watching television with my parents and siblings. Back then, before everyone had their own screen, we would gather together to watch our favorite shows, especially M*A*S*H. I developed much of my sense of humor from watching these […]

Book Review: Dad Is Fat

Book Review: Dad Is Fat

I have been horrible at keeping up with these. I’m going to try and catch up on the last nine months or so of reading. When I used to have satellite radio, I ended up using the function that alerted you when your favorite artist was playing mainly for comedians. Near the top of that […]

Budweiser Steals Idea for Commercial

I don’t have a huge problem with Budweiser like some people do. Sure, I now prefer other beers to the “King of Beers,” but I had my days of loyal Bud drinking. I also don’t get too bothered when some art form gets a commercial use. If I hear a favorite song or artist in a commercial, […]

My Wish for 2011

The new year came in quietly in our house as I tried to explain to my daughter what a stroke is so she might understand why Dick Clark was on TV talking that way. I don’t know why I chose that channel for the countdown. She had tuned into “F?ED: THE MOVIE” on Nickelodeon while […]

Improv with The Smokes

On my recent trip to L.A., I pretty much had only one night on my own. The other three nights either involved conference activities or plans with a co-worker. So I needed to choose wisely for my activity that night. I looked around for some comedy since I figured I would have plenty of options. […]

Vegas Trip: Entertainment

Last time I went to Vegas, I didn’t see any shows. I wanted to make sure I at least saw something this time. As I planned my trip, I kept checking the comedy clubs to see if anyone I knew would be in town. A few days before I left, I hit the jackpot. Bobby […]

Last Comic Standing

I really enjoyed the first two seasons of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Thanks to those summer shows, I found out about comics like Rich Vos, Todd Glass, Rob Cantrell, Kathleen Madigan, John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden. Then NBC went and turned Season 3 into a fiasco as they tried to take advantage of the success […]