Part of the Club

I love The Breakfast Club. The movie came out during my junior year of high school. I was a wrestler (and can dissect the strengths and weaknesses of the portrayal of a high school wrestler ad infinitum). I could identify in different ways with the other characters. The theme song was the theme of my girlfriend’s prom that year (a girlfriend who dumped me a few months later). Like so many people, it spoke to me.

That’s why I could not wait to see a 30th anniversary screening in York, Pa., last night with a Q&A following the film with Molly Ringwald.

Yeah, that Molly Ringwald. In the same room as me. Talking about one of my favorite movies. This is how I felt pretty much all day leading up to the event.

We had not sprung for the VIP package which included a meet and greet with Ringwald. But that didn’t really matter to me. She would come on stage after the screening and tell stories about the film, most of which I probably already knew. But that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was that I had a chance to see how much something that mattered to me mattered to other people, including one of the central figures involved in that thing.

Make no mistake – this is no faded star cashing in on a past success. Ringwald seems like as much of a fan of the movie as anyone else. She has a pre-teen daughter so knows the way the film can impact those dealing with the same kinds of issues that The Breakfast Club faced. She came across as completely genuine in her admiration for the power the movie holds over people like me.

I thought the event could have been tightened up a little. The comedian who served as the host took a while to get to the audience questions, instead slowly peppering Ringwald with questions about her career and other life in general. Some of the answers were interesting, but people came to hear Molly Ringwald answer their questions. That part of the night did not disappoint.

This tour with The Breakfast Club ends this week. I feel good that I got a chance to see it. Maybe even enough to dance like I’m 16 again.


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