Greatest Sports Day of the Year

Today is an embarrassment of riches for sports fans. It really is such a wonderful day to be alive.

Of course, March Madness starts today. I am in four pools this year. I picked my teams kind of randomly so it’s not like I need one or two things to happen in order to come out on top. I just hope to be competitive this year and maybe pull out some winnings in the end.

I hardly watch college hoops anymore, mainly because of the undisciplined play I see whenever I turn on a game. I’ll catch bits and pieces here, but the poor attempts to run and gun frustrate me all too often and I lose interest. That all changes today when the first game tips off.

But the glory of today’s sports does not begin and end with the “Road to the Final Four.” About half an hour before the first game tips off, the NCAA Wrestling Championships will begin in St. Louis.

This won’t have the national interest of March madness, but I personally find it just as interesting. I have attended two full NCAA tournaments and the twists and turns over those three days can consume me. Will Gregor Gillespie recover from a horrible showing in the EWL finals? Will Troy Nickerson redeem himself from injury or Paul Donoahoe recover from shame at 125? Can anyone go three periods with Brent Metcalf? I will pore over these brackets just as much as the ones that can make me money.

And if all that isn’t enough, Major League Soccer starts its season tonight as the new team in Seattle kicks off against the New York Red Bulls. With kickoff around 9:30 or so, that gives time to catch The Office and go downstairs to flip between that game and the late hoops games.

What a country.

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